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Explore Exmoor was founded by Manjula and Reuben Cote. They weave together many healing modalities to create a unique and special magic. These include Yoga, Gong Baths, Meditation, Qi Gong, Herbalism, Foraging and Forest Bathing.

At the heart of their offerings is connection.  A connection to self, a connection to community and a connection to the beauty of nature. Their passion for the natural world and healing modalities has taken them on adventures all around the world, studying, working and exploring.

Life can be a busy, crazy place and Manjula and Reuben try to create a sanctuary of calm through their events and experiences.  A place where people can come and take some time out to rest and just be.

Exmoor is a place of wilderness and wonder. The starry skies, rugged moors, babbling streams and wild landscapes all weave together to create a special kind of magic. Manjula and Reuben appreciate the power of nature to heal and transform and the natural world around them is a constant source of inspiration.

In every moment there is the potential for a miracle, if we learn to live in presence.  To be in the here and now and truly experience the gift of each moment. To flow with the breath, to hear the bird song and to take time out to smell the roses. Life reveals itself in a series of choices and pathways, which we chose has the potential to make dreams come true. 

Manjula and Reuben aim to live consciously and compassionately, giving back where they can, helping where it’s needed and treading lightly upon this beautiful earth. 

“It’s impossible to not feel inspired by this couple – a commitment to joy seems to be woven throughout their pursuits and they are wonderful ambassadors for finding the pleasure in wellbeing; for seeking out the belly laughs at the same time as enjoying a mindful existence.” 

- Lucy Large, Exmoor Magazine


Wednesday 24th January -

Watchet Methodist Hall

Monday 12th February -

Roadwater Village Hall


7 - 8pm


A Gong Bath is the ultimate sonic embrace.  Our soundscapes will transport you to a place of blissful relaxation, where magic happens and peace resides. 

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. To book please send us a message via our contact form or call 07775632807.


Monday 10 - 11am

Yoga - Holworthy Farm, Brompton Regis

Tuesday 10 - 11am

Yoga - Watchet Bowling Club

Tuesday 6 - 7pm

Yoga - Roadwater Village Hall

Wednesday 9.30 -1030am

Yogalates - Roadwater Village Hall

Thursday 9.30- 10.30am

Yoga - Roadwater Village Hall

Thursday 12.30 - 1.30pm

Yoga - Crowcombe Village Hall 

Thursday 7 - 8pm

Men's Yoga Roadwater Village Hall

Beginners welcome!

To book please send a message or call Manjula on 07775632807

GONG BATH - private sessions

Manjula & Reuben offer a unique healing experience through weaving together the vibrations of the Gongs, Singing Bowls and Reiki Healing.

Each session is tailored to suit your individual needs and offers a profound space for healing and relaxation.

For more details please call us on 07775632807 or message us.

Monday 26th February


6.30 - 7.30pm

Roadwater Village Hall

Come and gather together to create healing rhythms and journey deep to the beat of the drum.


YOGA CLASSES - private sessions

Manjula offers one-to-one or small group private yoga classes.

These can either be held at your house or at her house in Roadwater.

These sessions offer a beautiful way to deepen your practice.

For more details please call Manjula on 07775632807 or message us.

@ Roadwater Village Hall
Starting soon - please call to find out more.

“Take Back Control Of Your Health”

Course –


​YHLB is a gentle, effective, enjoyable, beginner-friendly specialised yoga programme. Learn to help yourself to improved comfort, health and well-being for now and the future.


Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs 12-class course was designed for Arthritis Research UK / University of York’s ground-breaking clinical research trials. This back care course has proven short-term and long-term benefits and has been proven to significantly improve back function.


For more details please follow this link.



We'd love to hear from you if you have any queries or would like to book a session with us.

Tel: 07775 632807 Manjula

Tel: 07906 337120


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