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Meet Manjula

Manjula is trained in various healing modalities including Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Breathwork, Shamanic Practices, Nutrition and Herbalism. She is also a writer, a poet and a lover of creating with words.

​Having spent over a decade working in the media industry, Manjula experienced first-hand the impact a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle can place on well-being.   It was this that led to her desire to retrain in a profession that would help restore health and balance to her own life and enable her to better serve those around her.

​Manjula has dedicated much of her life to studying the art of holistic healing.  She has been taught by many phenomenal teachers from around the world and has worked at prestigious clinics and centres both in the UK and abroad.

At the heart of her practice is connection to the inner and outer landscape.  Living in way that is harmonious to the natural cycles, enables us to flow more gracefully and sustainably through life. To live as the river flows, experiencing the ebb and flow, the twists and turns, the expansions and contractions.

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