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Gong Baths

Manjula & Reuben run exquisite Gong Bath experiences. They create a soundscape that will transport you to a deep place of relaxation and insight.


About Gong Baths

A Gong Bath is the ultimate sonic embrace that transports the receiver into a state of deep relaxation. The tones of the singing bowls and gongs induce a hypnotic and timeless effect as they calm the mind and bring the receiver into presence.


Gong Baths and Sound Baths are a beautiful way to allow the body and mind to return to stillness. The soothing sound vibrations work to bring the brain to a state of deep rest, giving us a chance to let go of our current situation and perhaps allow in some new consciousness or guidance.

When we allow ourselves to fully surrender to the sounds, our brain exhibits right hemisphere characteristics -creative, timeless and intuitive. As the session progresses brain waves move from a state of wakefulness (Beta) into a meditative state where slower Alpha and Theta brainwaves predominate. Spending regular periods of time in this deeply relaxed state has a therapeutic effect on all areas of well-being.

Many studies have been made of the benefit of sound therapy, for both physical and emotional health. It can be an immensely powerful catalyst for change or a delightfully subtle vehicle for transformation within.


Manjula & Reuben create profoundly beautiful sound experiences. Each session is unique and creates a soundscape that will take the receiver on a sublime and blissful journey.


We are currently running Gong Baths at various venues in and around Exmoor. We are keen to take these good vibrations to more venues in and around Exmoor.  If you would like a Gong Bath held in your local area, we'd love to heart from you.

Important Information

  • When attending a Gong Bath please bring with you something to lie on (e.g. a yoga mat or blankets), a blanket to put over you and a cushion. Please also bring a bottle of water.

  • Payment for the Gong Baths is non-refundable and places cannot be transferred to another date - unless we can fill your space from a waiting list. If you are unable to come you are welcome to transfer your place to someone else who can come on that date.

  • The Gong Baths start at 7pm so please arrive early so you have time to settle in before we start.

Please note Gong Baths are not suitable if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have epilepsy. Please notify us if you currently have any serious undiagnosed / diagnosed mental health issues.

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