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Shamanism & Drum Circles

"How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment."




Shamanic healing is an ancient earth-based practice. The practices are rooted in nature and offer a powerful way to deepen that natural connection.

There are many practices are ceremonies associated with Shamanism that help to heighten awareness and receive guidance from the natural world. The drum and the rattle are at the heart of Shamanic healing.  These help to achieve altered states of consciousness and guidance from the animal, plant and spirit world.

Shamanic healing can help gain insights, overcome blockages and limiting beliefs, boost confidence and self esteem and help release negative patterns and behaviour.  Shamanism helps us to walk in our power and strength and lead a life that is connected and in harmony.


Manjula is experienced in leading and performing many ceremonies including:

  • Shamanic Drum Circles

  • Despacho Ceremonies

  • Herbal Workshops

  • Shamanic Power Plants & Trees

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Cutting Ties

  • Working with animal and spirt guides

  • House clearing

  • Munay Ki Initiations


Shamanism helps us to lead a life of respect and love for all living beings. It teaches of the interconnectedness of all beings on earth and that we are all intricately connected to the web of life.

Manjula offers Shamanic healing sessions and a variety of Shamanic workshops for individuals or groups.

To book a session please call or message Manjula


The rhythm of drumming develops a oneness of feeling and purpose. Everything in the universe, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest star, vibrates with rhythmic motion. All things are born of rhythm and it is rhythm that holds them in form. Rhythm is the heartbeat of life. The drum reconciles all of the disparate and discordant aspects of nature. It promotes individual and planetary resonance and restores harmony and balance. What’s not to love about that!

Our shamanic drum circles are a joyous way to learn more about the power and benefits of the drum and Shamanic practices. They bring us together in community to experience the healing effects of the collective drum beat. All are welcome, no previous experience necessary. Please bring with you a drum – this may be a shamanic drum, a djembe or any other style of drum you have.

Manjula & Reuben run a Shamanic Drum Circle once a month at Roadwater.


Upcoming dates:

Monday 5th September, Monday 10th October, Monday 7th November, Monday 5th December


We also run private sessions for individuals, couples and groups.

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