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Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs

“Get back control of your back problem!”

Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs

Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs with Manjula Coté

Roadwater Village Hall

12 weekly sessions held on a Thursday from:

Thursday 12th January – Thursday 31st march 2023  5.45 – 7.00pm

12 Week evidence based programme specially designed to manage and improve chronic or intermittent lower back pain.  It's an enjoyable, gentle, effective, beginner friendly course based on a study conducted by the University of York with Arthritis Research UK.


What is this course?

  • A 12-class course designed to manage and improve chronic and intermittent lower back pain and also help prevent back pain from occurring.

  • It is enjoyable, gentle, effective and beginner friendly.

  • The course is based on a study conducted by the University of Yoga with Arthritis Research UK.

  • Taught by a highly-skilled and well trained Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs registered teacher.

What does the course offer:

  • A free one individual assessment prior to the course starting – this is usually held via a phone call.

  • 12 x 1¼ weekly classes - gentle, beginner friendly informative and enjoyable yoga classes

  • An evidence-based, specialised programme targeting lower back problems, approved by Arthritis Research UK and listed by Public Health England.

  • You will learn pain relieving postures to help self-manage, acute painful episodes.

  • Learn movement & postures to improve strength & mobility, body posture, breathing and relaxation techniques for long term self-care.

  • Excellent course materials, a comprehensive book, 4-track Relaxation Album, home practice sheets, for life-long self-care.

  • Highly experienced yoga tuition.


Who is this course suitable for?

  • Those who like the prospect of learning methods for “getting back control of their back condition” and want to learn ways to help themselves.

  • Those looking for a kind and gentle, person-centred approach to improve their back condition.

  • Those whose back pain has become chronic, e.g. persistent pain or pain that is there the majority of the time.

  • Those whose back pain comes and goes (recurring/episodic). Don’t wait until your next episode of bad back pain – start now!

  • Those who have stress/emotional factors which may contribute to back pain.

  • Those who have no back pain but want to keep their back healthy and avoid having it in the future.

  • It also works as a great introductory course in Yoga. You don't have to have back pain to enrol!


What does it do

  • ​Aims for positive physical and mental health outcomes 

  • Teaches how to self-manage for the long-term

  • Address stress-management and relaxation skills

  • Encourages an increase in physical activity, appropriate to the individual

  • Teaches postural awareness and mindfulness

Course Materials

  • YHLB Handbook*

  • YHLB Relaxation Tracks (CD/Download)*

  • Home Practise Sheets & Diary*

  • Individual Support Throughout


*These are contained within the Resources Pack that is bought direct from YHLB – full details will be given.


What does it cost?


  • £149 payable to Manjula Cote – payment details will be given when booking.

£48 plus P+P for your YHLB Resources Pack (payable to YHLB directly) – details on how to purchase this will be given when booking.


How To Join?


The numbers on each course will be limited to ensure personal attention. Booking is essential and receipt of payment is confirmation of your place.


To book please contact Manjula Cote on or 07775 632807


The next course runs from January 2023 - March 2023. This will run weekly on a Thursday 5.45 – 7.00pm


I look forward to welcoming you on this empowering and transformative course!

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